Our Hows My Driving bumper stickers provide a web site and toll free number for tracking of teen driving reports.Our How's My Driving program can help parents with driver monitoring.


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How's My Driving Monitor for Safe Teen Drivers

By placing our How's My Driving sticker on your car, other drivers now have an easy way to provide feedback about your teen's driving. Utilizing this information, concerned parents can work with their teen to correct poor driving skills and reinforce safe driving behavior.

Every year nearly 10,000 teens die violently in automobile crashes. Young drivers account for 18% of all police reported automobile or truck crashes. This staggering fact should scare the parents of every teen driver.

When a report is received, parents are contacted via mail or e-mail with information regarding your teen's driving behavior. Utilize this information to teach your teen accident reduction and defensive driving techniques.

Trucking companies utilizing  "How's My Driving?" driver monitoring programs have reported a 20% decrease in accidents and ticketing. It's our hope that Tell-My-Mom.com can increase safety in teen driving in a similar fashion.

Driver's Education cannot teach your teen to safely operate an automobile, only the rules. Driving safety is a decision and must be obtained through experience and parental involvement. You as a parent must be involved to properly teach your teen to drive. Studies have shown that when a parent takes an active role in their teen's driving, and is made aware of their driving habits, that many injuries or fatalities can be prevented.

Many parents erroneously think that a driver's license means that their teen is a good driver. Rather, it simply means that on one day in the teen's life, while driving on their BEST behavior, that they could operate a vehicle with fewer than 25 mistakes during the 12 minute test. That's one opportunity every 30 seconds to kill or be killed.

Our e-book "Teaching Your Teen To Drive" can help parents with 40 lesson plans to teach while driving with their teen. Many parents only know to grab the dash and scream when teaching their teen. Our book will reduce both parent and teen anxiety.

Enroll now to ensure that your teen will become a safe, mature and conscientious driver.

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